Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Contents (1st Draft)
This is my first draft of my contents page for my school magazine, this is to go with the cover on the previous post.
I used my own pictures that I took myself with various page numbers to turn to. I put small captions on the pictures giving the reader an insight into what the story is going to be about before actually turning to the page. I put the 'Contents' title down the left hand side of the page to make it seem more spacious and a little bit different to the norms. As well as the normal stories, I put a small sub-heading saying 'Plus!' at the bottom of the page to give the reader an idea of what else is waiting to be read inside the magazine, one of which is one of the smaller stories on the cover. As you can see, the image at the bottom is of an iPad 2 which is representing a competition which any student can enter. I believe this contents page and the cover are both quite good for first drafts, please give your opinions on both?

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