Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Killer Influences!

Slender Man
The final influence of our killer is the Urban Myth which is Slender Man; although this character is not from any film franchise we still believe he is an important aspect as he brings a realistic fear factor to our killer.

Killer Influences!

Freddie Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise was just as much of an influence but more for the storyline rather than physical features of the killer, the idea of Freddie Krueger is that he lives in the victims minds and is really a dream which is the idea of our killer.

Killer Influences!

Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
The Friday the 13th franchise was one of the main influences of our killer because of a few aspects such as the concealed facial features which dehumanise the character and add a fear factor and a sense of the unknown. In many ways our chosen mask (gas mask) is very similar to the classic Jason hockey mask as it covers almost everything but the eyes keeping a feature of the face to create a sense of reality in the character.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Horror Trailer Marking and Analysis

Track Down Evaluation

Acting – The three characters in the sequence were played by myself, Adam Bennett and Jan Labro, although we were very limited for time while filming the sequence I believe we were able to work well in the short space of time that we had. What made filming difficult was the fact that we needed to keep continuity throughout the sequence meaning that all of the characters should look the same and be dressed the same all the way through the sequence, one thing which could not be helped was the change in the weather therefore we tried to avoid shooting outside as much as possible to avoid any continuity issues. As much as the actors tried to make sure they stayed in character at all times, there is one criticism about the sequence and that is at the end where the teacher has the pupil pinned against a fence as the actor playing the pupil is smiling at the teacher, this could be taken as out of character but could also be taken as part of the sequence as the pupil could be pulling a sinister face.

Filming – Reece Beveridge and I filmed the chase scene. We used a variety of different shot types and angles so that we had many different clips that we could use for the editing process. Again, there were time constraints on how long we had to film, so we needed to be quick in recording each of the individual scenes. If I was to do this again I would try to film as many different shot angles as possible and redo the scenes to make sure everything was perfect. We did not have access to a steady cam, so we needed to use a normal cam when filming the POV and running shots, which made some takes very jumpy and we couldn’t use some of the clips

Edits – Almost all of the editing of the sequence was done by Scott Barrass on Sony Vegas on his home computer, many different shots were used to create a sense of pace and to show many different points of view throughout the sequence. For the start of the film up until the outside scene there is an eclipse effect added to the film to make everything seem darker and to set the mood of the film. Scott mainly used cuts to switch from scene to scene, but at some points you can see he used a fade to black effect to shop a time change, for example at the point outside to back inside running through the corridor. Another time he used that effect was right at the very end for less than a second from the teacher grabbing the rebel to the rebel being against the fence.

Sound – All of the song clips we used throughout the sequence were copyright free. The speech parts in the film could have been acted out better as it seemed to be forced and it didn’t seem genuine. At the part where the teacher is first introduced into the scene, it would have been better if the teacher shouted at the rebel to try and make him stop, instead of staying silent the whole time. Again at the end of the clip where the teacher and rebel were at the fence, it would have made more sense for something to have been said. If I was to do this again, I would create some sort of script beforehand that the actors would need to follow, instead of thinking of things on the spot like we did this time.

Track Down Title