Thursday, 17 November 2011


Looking at the film ‘Monsters’, research how the film was produced and distributed to audiences. Consider the following;
·         Target Audience
·         All elements of production including cast, crew and location
·         Budget
·         Marketing and distribution, UK and worldwide
The film ‘Monsters’ was produced by Allan Niblo and James Richardson, he film was directed by Gareth Edwards who also worked as the visual effects artist. The film itself did not have an all-star cast, the film stars Scoot McNairy
The film cost under $500,000 with $15,000 of this being the cost of the equipment, yet the film made a staggering $4,188,738. The producers were able to make the film with such a low budget because of the use of prosumer cameras to capture the feel of hand-held footage rather than the typical 35mm filming. Another way they kept the budget so low is because they never actually asked in advance to use any of the locations used. Another way they kept the budget low is because they did not spend much time filming, they apparently only spent 3 weeks on the film and for most of this time; it was only 7 people travelling in a van. When they shot moving shots, they did not indulge in luxury; they merely hung the camera out of the van window and cushioned it with a bundle of clothing.

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