Thursday, 13 December 2012

Reflection on my Blog so far...

In today's lesson, we looked at each others blogs and gave each other positive and negative feedback. I recieved comments about many aspects of my blog posts.

The positive comments that I recieved stated that I have good use of images whether it is images of inspirations and/or style models or images of props or locations which will be used for filming the project and that I have evidence of planning throughout my project so far.

Some of the nagative feedback I recieved involved going into detail on my blog postsand providing evidence for posts such as images or videos to back up ideas about props or certain camera angles.

To improve upon all of the nagative comments I shall do the following;
  • Go into much more detail in blog posts such as stating specific aspects of project/filming e.g specific locations, props, speech, diegetic/non-diegetic music or sound effects.
  • Always produce evidence of points stated in blog posts such as if a specific location or costume etc. is stated, an image or video will be shown of it if available.
From now on I will attempt to produce detailed blog posts more often (approx. 3-5 per week).

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