Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Brief and Narrative

Which brief are you pursuing?
A promotion package for a new film, to include a trailer, together with a teaser poster and a film magazine cover.
Group project List roles and responsibilities if you are working in a group?
Ryan Willis – Actor/Editor Reece Beveridge – Cameraman Sarah Watson – Actress/Director
Write a brief summary of your concept for the main task (Narrative)
Jamie is reflecting on her childhood to her therapist. She talks about the times her grandfather would tell her stories about how he was a medic in the war, and the story of how he was attending to a man who was bleeding to death, but had to leave him and deal with a group of men dying on the field – so the man bled to death. Before she was institutionalised, she researched and discovered that the man’s body was never found. These are what led to the night terrors that made her hallucinate and drove her insane. Now she still has to be tied to the bed because these dreams of the man coming back for her are causing her to have violent fits in her sleep. She eventually begins to believe that the man is coming back for her because she is finding it difficult to differentiate between her dreams and reality. List any ideas for locations. (Mise en scene) Woods, car, bedroom, empty street List any ideas for costume and props (Mise en scene) White mask with zip for a mouth Gas mask Sounds Non diegetic to build up tension; tracks selected from a number of different horror films that could link well to our trailer. This is yet to be researched. Silence to keep the audience in anticipation. Drum beats during the build-up of the title sequence.

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  1. These are what led to the night terrors that made her hallucinate and drove her insane.
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