Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Magazine Comparison


• Both use colour schemes
• Both have a main image in the centre
• Both have a large font stating the main story/article
• Both have a large magazine logo at the top
• Both have various side stories down the side of the cover
• Both have a small barcode in the bottom right hand corner
• Both logos are red which makes them bold and stand out


• One is quite tidy whereas the other is a well put together mess which makes it look more rock-ish
• One has a ripped and sticker look whereas the other is quite expensive looking
• One has many more side stories to entice the reader
• One has just two colours and one has a lot
• The main focus of ‘Q’ is one person whereas ‘Kerrang!’ has the focus on a whole band

This is totally different...

• This cover is very much different to both of the previous ones, it involves a totally different colour scheme.
• The target audience is a lot different to the others also
• There is much more going on the cover of this one as it is gossip and not just music
• There are a lot more competitions and offers compared to the others

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