Tuesday, 14 May 2013

EVALUATION - How did you use media technologies in the construction of research planning and evaluation stages?

Throughout the creation of both my main construction which is a horror trailer and my two ancillary tasks which are a horror poster and magazine cover, I used various types of media technology.
For my research and planning I used YouTube to watch horror trailers which I used as style models for aspects and the technical codes; mise-en-scene, edits, cinematography and sound.
For the main construction the main program I used was iMovie for editing videos. I didn’t really have any prior knowledge of iMovie therefore I had to learn much about it before I began to use it, I did this by watching some tutorials to get a basic but general idea of how to edit on the program. I didn't need extensive knowledge of editing because of the plain look I wanted to give my horror trailer.
For the creation of my ancillary tasks I used Photoshop which I had a lot of experience using from AS Level therefore I had a base to start from when making my horror poster and magazine cover. I kept a specific colour scheme for both my horror poster and magazine cover and I think they were both reletively easy to put together because of the knowledge I had of Photoshop and also the simplicity of the way I wanted them to look.

Other media technologies that I used were using my blog to upload posts informing the department of my progress throughout the year, I had previous knowledge of Blogger from AS Level because I had used it to upload previous work and this helped me a lot, the one thing which I struggled with was the consistency of my uploads as sometimes I went a few weeks without uploading any information or updates.
For the filming process, I used a moving image camera and tripod which I had a considerable amount of experience with therefore the literal filming process was extremely easy, the one thing which was a slight setback was the difficulty of getting the clips from the camera to the computer to edit on iMovie but I was able to overcome this in the end.

For the evaluation stage, I used various things such as Prezi, Slideshare and Scribd which all show media and information in different ways, I was able to embed all of these onto my blog to show different forms of multimedia.

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