Friday, 11 January 2013

Changes to my AS Music Magazine

This year, I was given the task of improving my AS Music Magazine coursework. After speaking to Mrs Hopkinson about various features of my magazine which needed improvement I decided that it was best to almost completely change the layout of it.

Using a style model which I chose, I completely changed the layout of my front cover using conventions of an alternative music magazine, with simple headings and a large main image, I also changed many of the other headlines on the page.

My contents page needed much improvement in my eyes as it did not hold many conventions of a typcial music magazine, the layout was sparce and didn't look right at all therefore I again completely changed the layout and contents of the page so it looked a lot more professional and well put together such as adding a lot more 'contents' to it and adding larger and smaller stories which the reader could potentially read if the magazine was published.

My biggest task was my main article pages which needed the most improvement. I changed the whole layout of the pages and took new images so it looked even more professional, I kept the contents of the pages the same as it was before as I believe this suited the type of magazine I was creating in the first place which is alternative music thereofore I did not alter the text much, only grammatically improved it.

The style model for my front cover helped me a lot to make my magazine look more professional and hold more conventions of a typical music magazine. The style model I used was Q magazine which is shown here:

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